Art’s brief press release demonstrating . . .

. . . his attorney’s contention that our ethic’s policy is as unconstitutional as it was when he first challenged the school board’s failed attempt to remove him from office.

I have voluntarily dismissed my lawsuit against the Duluth School Board after the Board failed to remove me, and dropped their attempt at removal.

This matter is far from settled as the Duluth School Board majority has failed to revise the Code of Ethics, and overtly threatens to remove any elected school board member, and even candidates, if they speak about issues. I may need to resort to legal action again, if the school board majority does not change their ways.

This action by the Duluth School Board has come at an enormous legal cost; and at a cost of the school board of ignoring financial, academic, and leadership issues at our school.

And I may have to resort to a lawsuit if the Board attempts to remove me for my Thou Shalt Not series.

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