JCI and Marshall

A couple months ago a former legislator told me he disagreed with me on the Red Plan. Later I overheard him tell another person that the people in Duluth were just experiencing sticker shock implying that the cost was reasonable.

Today he told me that he’d come to the conclusion that he had been wrong. He was agonizing about the possible failure of the operations levy with its much advertised hideous cuts. Then he told me a story he had just heard about JCI.

Apparently a decade ago the Marshall School asked JCI to evaluate its school with a view to sprucing it up. JCI told them that they needed to tear down the school and build it again. They hired another consultant and eventually spent $100,000 to improve Marshall. Its funny what folks won’t spend their own money on when they can’t tax other people to get it.

I doubt if many Marshall parents will be voting Yes, Yes, Yes.

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