The natives are restless

The folks responding to today’s story about “Vote Yes for Kids” are on the warpath.

Says one:

“Are they out of their blooming minds?? Who can afford to vote Yes with this economy? My taxes have skyrocketed. In case they weren’t aware – we are in a serious recession! They already got a chunk of my money with this awful Red Plan. I will vote No, No, No, and sign any petition to have this District’s clowns recalled.”

In the story itself I am once again quoted: I’m the default critic of the School Board who always seems to be contacted. Mercifully for them the school board members are rarely quoted in the press. Defending the indefensible falls largely to Mimi Larson who is the spokesman for Move Forward Duluth and this new group.

I’m pleased that the story made it plain what the options for voters are regarding the operating levy.

“The ballot will present the question in three tiers asking residents to either renew the levy at its current amount, raise it to $700 per pupil or triple it to $1,200 per pupil. Residents also can vote no on all three questions, which would result in a reduction in taxes and school funding.”

If the best argument folks like Mimi Larson can come up with is, “Don’t punish the children.” they are going to have very tough sledding indeed. Just who punished the children is very much open to debate. For my money it was the folks who surrendered the School Board’s decision making and sacrificed our voting rights to Johnson Controls’ profit margin.

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