School Board husband speaks out

Bill Punyko, Judy Seliga-Punyko’s husband, wrote a heart felt letter to the Editor today. Bill who is a school administrator in Wisconsin once filed for a vacancy on the Duluth School Board but his contempt for the Board members interviewing him was paper thin and he wasn’t selected. Now his wife, who defeated me last year, is on the Board.

I respect Bill’s plea to punish Board members and not children and to be fair, his wife Judy is actually the only elected Board member who campaigned to support the Red Plan so I can’t fault her.

Still, Bill’s suggestion that voters replace Board members instead of hurt kids (by voting down the operations levy) rings pretty hollow. There is no way to replace Board members until November of next year by which time so much of the Red Plan will have been started that it will effectively be unstoppable.

“Regardless of anyone’s opinion about the long-range plan, it’s obvious Duluth needs to continue to support the operating levy. If people are angry about the long-range plan, punishing children is wrong. If people aren’t happy about the direction of the school district, then School Board members can be replaced through election.”

This Board has done its best to infuriate voters. They will have only themselves to blame for the consequences.

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