Dixon double talk

As he’s filling up all the allotted time at meetings by filibustering Dr.Dixon slips in some double talk as he did at the last School Board meeting. He said then unequivocally that none of this fall’s operating levy will go to build the Red Plan.

But after the meeting as he talked to a worried Tim Grover who is counting on having a new Central middle school and Piedmont elementary built with an additional $90 million in bonding slated for 2011 or 2009 (But that’s another story – Board Chair Nancy Nilsen denies that any more bonds are planned) Dr. Dixon assured Tim that “I can build anything with the general fund.”

In other words Dixon is saying he can build new schools like Piedmont with operational money. The operational levy will bring more operational money into the District’s hands and Dr. Dixon has no compunction about using it as one big building slush fund. Even if the November levy fails Dr. Dixon’s top priority – the Red Plan – can continue with existing operational levies just so long as he has a cooperative school board.

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