Red Infamy

Yesterday an anonymous person sent me a clipping from the Cloquet Pine Journal. The Cloquet Board, like the Duluth Board, will levy money without offering a referendum. Unlike Duluth’s Board there is no question about whether they have the right to do this but its apparent that everyone in the vicinity of Duluth will for years to come use the “Red Plan” as a byword for school board arrogance.

This comment from the story quoted an angry Cloquet taxpayer as he addressed the Cloquet School Board:

“I think maybe it’s time you start tackling the tough decisions of trying to bring them in line with the private sector,” said Anderson. “This legislation has enabled you to take the easy way out – just like the city of Duluth with its Red Plan…. I have to provide for my own retirement – no one is going to bond for it. A lot of public employees can retire earlier with full benefits and then maybe even get another job.”

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