Howie Hanson’s blog

One predictable result of sticking up for Alanna Oswald is that her fans are noticing and sending me information that might be of help to her. One of them sent me this screen shot from Howie Hanson’s blog.

This observer noticed that in Howie’s page about candidates for all offices up for election this year Alanna Oswald’s name was conspicuously missing. I know Howie gets a little stipend from the District for publicizing school stuff and, in fact, I beat him up during the Red Plan’s heyday for getting $19,000 to stay on the good side of the Red Planners. However, I know how easy it is for a one person blog to miss some detail. I suspect that this is such a case. I certainly hope so. It would be way too obvious for his website’s visitors to conclude that Howie was handicapping a candidate that some school administrator’s resented.

No. Howie has a Mayoral campaign going and the last thing he needs is to unnecessarily antagonize fans of any candidate for the school board. Howie is not like me. He published Twin Ports People for years with a slogan to the effect that he only published positive news. As a City Councilor he has tested that proposition and I doubt that Fon du Lac’s Karen Diver would think he’s living by that credo today. Still, there’s just no way Howie would intentionally shortchange Alanna.

I was right. I just checked the blog and Alanna’s name is right there on the page. No problem. It only took 55 days to correct but that may just be an indication of how rarely the page is looked at.

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