How the local DFL rigs endorsements

Jane Hoffman, who lost the 2nd District DFL endorsement last night, wants folks to know how the contest was rigged from the beginning. Here is an email she is sharing with anyone who will listen. It primarily involves the list of delegates to the convention who must be persuaded to vote by the candidates. If you are not given the list you can’t campaign in advance:

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015 7:21 AM, Jane Hoffman wrote:

I started calling people yesterday afternoon off the delegate list. I worked graveyard the night before. Of the 7 people I called, only 1 was attending. When I arrived last night, 60% of the delegates in my district already had Kirby stickers on their shirt. I want to complain that I did not get the delegate list until the morning of the convention. I asked two times since the initial meeting and that was over two weeks ago. We were told the night of the screening we would have a delegate list in our hands that week. I have been a lifelong DFL’er and I am disappointed in your process,not to mention 4 existing board members were there and already backing a predestined horse even before the speeches were made. Now I can see why candidates go rogue or break party line.

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