Tire Chips

I’ve been busy today trying to figure out a new email system and getting Windows 10 on my computer. I hate being an old dog forced to learn new tricks.

A new trick has shown up on the District’s website. The Board has been getting signatures on a web petition asking us to remove the black tire chips from under all our new elementary school playgrounds. They are being signed by parents at all the schools. I’m not sure exactly how they are being contacted but most of the fifty or sixty parents so far have written their own reasons for removing them. They are bad for the environment, they get hot on hot days, they leave a residue on kids or smell bad. We seem to get the emailed petitions in bunches of ten.

I have my own grudge against them. When my grandsons come over after playing in these playgrounds they leave a trail of rubber chips all over the floor.

I don’t know what it will cost to put some other cushion under the playground equipment but I’ll bet there is a good chance we will pay heed to all of these complaints.

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