A small irony

In the Walk Down Memory Lane post I linked to an old column I wrote called “Liar liar pants on fire.” It was about how I broke a promise not to raise taxes.

There is one interesting detail I didn’t mention in that column. I was coerced to make that promise by my buddy, Tim Grover, who was then a tax phobic conservative. He wouldn’t go along with the 1997 operational levy without a fight unless all the other school board members promised not to raise property taxes over and above those approved by the voters. Tim and I used to joke about how I proved I couldn’t be trusted. He’s not the Board member who sent me email.

Today our roles are reversed. Tim is supporting the bank busting Red Plan (Because he thinks it can’t be stopped and he wants to save what little is left of public schools in his District) and I am the tax fighting maniac.

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