A SB candidate emails me

Very clever Alanna,

Alanna Oswald was a student of mine at Morgan Park thirty years ago. However, she was a Roger’s back then. She has been paying enough attention to my blog to have seen her name in lincolndemocrat. She didn’t see the email from my Buddy making reference to comments of her’s that I quoted extensively. Maybe I’ll pass them on to her if I ever get myself organized.

She mentions a report she wrote about racial disparities a decade ago. I happen to have it filed away. It’s very good and I hope she can put it on the web. She also notes that Claudia was favorably impressed with the story about her filing. And she fishes for donations too. That’s my kind of candidate but she will have to set up her own paypal account.

Here’s her email:

Dear Harry, It is nice to see a former teacher of mine paying attention to my social media to get elected to the school board. I appreciate any thought you have on my views when it comes to this school board stuff. 

I’m very concerned about my alma mater Denfeld and the enrollment situation when it comes programming and opportunities. I am equally concerned about the student population in regards to culture within the schools, and with graduation rates of the many underrepresented groups that make up the same population. The struggles of families are very real, and we need to ensure that we help families in any way needed to make sure their kids get the best education. We have to be better at that than we have been. 

I’m sharing with you my report from my work with the Race Culture and Achievement Gap Summit that expressed the many barriers to education experienced by families 10 years ago. This document should be filed away by now as the issues should have been taken care of over time. Unfortunately, this document still lists the many challenges faced by many families within our system. This was the inspiration for my work in education. If I find a place to put it online I will to share with the community. 

If you believe that I can positively affect Duluth Public Schools, feel free to volunteer for my campaign or make a financial contribution. As a person who has run many campaigns, I’m sure you know how important donations are to a campaign’s success. In return, I can only promise you that I will listen and hear what you have to say, along with every other board member.  I will always vote for what makes sense for kids, and question what doesn’t. I own my own decisions. If that is something you can admire and work with, I’m happy to have your support. And from what I understand from your blog, your wife already likes what I have to say. Perhaps, you should listen to your wife. 😉

Alanna Oswald

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