DNT Missing in Action

12:01 PM – First email from my Buddy at:


Why isn’t the Duluth News Tribune reporting that Loren Martell is a candidate?

[Your Buddy]

https://lincolndemocrat.com/?p=14162 and https://lincolndemocrat.com/?p=14144

1:35 PM – Second email from my Buddy at:


Still no such confirmation at http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/3801842-duluth-city-races-take-final-shape. Were you doing a Dan Rather, yesterday?

[Your Buddy]

I told him I’d been told that Loren’s name was on the Duluth School District’s website.

8:39 PM – My Buddy confirms this in an email with the following link to an ISD 709 web page:


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