Still on a McCain kick

This post quoted an ad for a property that John McCain is selling. It begins:

“Former home of Sen John & Cindy McCain. Situated on over 2.5 acres. Totally remodeled in Old World style complete w/7 bedrooms in main house & 6 bedrooms in guest houses. . .”

What I find interesting about the ad, again unremarked on, is the first sentence. I know that ownership by movie stars and famous people make property more desirable and enhance its value. Maybe listing the owner’s name to jack up the sales price is just good business. On the other hand, the Midwesterner in me who still prizes humility and, if you can believe it, reticence is surprised that the McCains would allow their names to be advertised so conspicuously. They hardly need the money. John is reported to be the third richest US Senator. When his wife earns her share of the sale of Budweiser to a Belgian conglomerate her profit will be worth a heckuva lot more than the McCains will realize by selling their names in a real estate deal.

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