Two emails regarding . . .

. . . this recent post on transparency.

Hi Harry,
Today, the recording for DEDA’s June meeting magically appeared on their website. I guess everybody must have put their heads together and figured out how to carry out this ridiculously simple operation.
I don’t know why Mike Miernicki thinks that recording meetings is expensive. How much does he think it costs to pay somebody to hit Record and Stop?

JR is John Ramos who commented on DEDA’s missing online public documents that reappeared after his column mentioning their disappearance.

After this message I got another email from someone monitoring the Duluth School District’s website closer than I am:

The last time the school updated their minutes was: Special SB Mtg 5.12.15 Denfeld Transformer.pdf. Maybe you and Harry could bring that issue up? I, for one, am waiting for the minutes for [Art Johnston’s] censure.

I should note that Mr. Ramos listens to audio recordings. As John says this is a pretty simple process. At our closed executive minutes of the school board we are required by law to record our “temporarily” secret discussions on sensitive topics. We don’t do audio recordings of our meetings. I recommended Video recordings which do require more work with someone fussing with a camera and rotating it to focus on changing speakers. I will recommend audio recordings and see if that meets with more support.

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