Chopped liver

A question via email:


But were board members other than you and Art Johnston, also not immediately told about what had happened? Was the circumstance such that what had happened was a fait accompli, and that there was nothing further for the board to immediately do?

My reply:

I don’t know who knew what when. Maybe none of us were told. Miernicki sent out an email afterwards that sounded like he was offering his first impression of the loss. We may all have been equally ignorant.

Our being told immediately would not have affected the outcome. But to the extent that we were told after the Tribune got the word…well, that makes me feel as though I am not taken seriously by the Administration. There used to be hell to pay for this sort of slight to board members. If it’s only Art and me who are kept out of the loop, and I don’t know that to be the case, it’s as foolish as it is crappy.

and an emailed afterthought:

The objection is that elected officials hate to be caught flat footed. I was contacted by a constituent about this five days before it was officially announced and could only tell him no one had told me.

I suppose it’s partly vanity on my part not to look ignorant. However, it may also be a sign of administrative contempt to treat board members like chopped liver.

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