Bevan replies

Bevan has noticed the inclusion of my comments on the state of the City and has sent be the following cordial rebuttal. We see the Red Plan though very different prisms.

Harry. I was honored by your quoting me on your website. It is too bad that the School Boards of the 1990’s and early 2000’s didn’t deal comprehensively with the facilities question. DNT surveys in 2004 or 2005 determined that 79 percent of Duluthians were supportive of reducing the number of High Schools down to 2. that thought had prevailed in the community for several years, but lack of leadership from the superintendent (and the Boards during that era) delayed making Comprehensive decisions. During my 18 months on the board, that same Almanza administration wanted to close a few more elementaries. The majority of that Board had the desire to address this question, comprehensively, rather than a piecemeal approach that had been used for the past 10 to 12 years. When that board was looking to hire a new superintendent, a primary concern was to hire someone with the ability and experience to lead our community through a process that would comprehensively address the facilites needs for the long-term. As you know, the process which preceeded any development of plans, was open and inclusive of anyone who was interested. Though no longer a Board member, I went to the community meetings at every stage of the process, gathering information, and giving input. Though the product of that process was not all to my liking, it does answer the need to create the proper number of, and quality of, the schools in Duluth. From pre-K to High School, and from Fond-du-lac to French River; abd from lake Superior to Island Lake. If finding long-term solutions to long-standing problems is Kool-aid, then So be it.

However, the mixture you have created for the past year, [ old whine(wine) and a new batch of sour grapes, mixed with distorted mathematics, and faulty logic] is poison. As you continue to offer your poison to your “Jonestown residents” you just well may be successful enough to harm Duluth’s children for the long-term!!! – You are giving your best effort to create an atmosphere to assure that a climate of negativity will prevail when Duluthians are asked to renew an excess levy.

I wish that long-term, comprehensive solutions had been arrived at regarding school facilities during your tenure on the board, when the state of the economy ( at least in retrospect) was quite favorable. The solution would have been less expensive. The longer problems go unresolved, the greater the cost to resolve them!!!

Even in economically good times, excess levy referendums are difficult to pass. You know that very well !!! As I said during the last campaign season, I still wish there was a way to turn your energy into a positive direction.

Your friend, Bevan

Call me soon, and we’ll do lunch!!!

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