When size finally matters

Kent Worley sent me an email today after reading the School Board’s discussion of the proposed Western Middle School and Piedmont Elementary. Kent has vociferously and vainly been pointing out for over a year that the new Ordean High School site will have barely half the 55 acres recommended for a high school. While this complaint has been dismissed by the District as of no great consequence the Trib’s article reported:

“Duluth Superintendent Keith Dixon said the school district would need to acquire the 55 acres north of Wheeler Field off Grand Avenue for the western middle school.”

Says Kent:

“Now, all of a sudden, site size is key criteria in selecting school sites. It’s wonderful to see the district responding to these very important considerations finally. Now, with this finally recognized factor, it is time to re-think what the plan for the Ordean site will do … and reconsider alternatives.”

To which I say, Don’t hold your breath Kent.

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