The Lone Ranger

I cranked out the two previous posts last night in about two hours and went back to bed certain that I needed to return to them for proof reading. I’ll get to that proofing sometime this afternoon but for now I’ve got my fingers crossed that I didn’t make too big a hash of my story telling in the first go round. Editing will good work for me as the new crew of foam insulators tromps around up above me in my attic. Having just donated a pint of blood I’m supposed to avoid hard physical labor today. Serving lunch at the Damiano shouldn’t violate that.

I did pick up the latest Duluth Reader on my way to Memorial Blood Bank. Loren Martell has a good and much more detailed analysis of Art Johnston’s legal maneuvering than I’ve provided to date. I still have to print out the 67 page legal brief Art mailed me.

My Mom always told me that it takes two to make a fight and our school board is no exception. We are all to blame for turning our backs on Duluth’s children to fight for the Constitution or for the enforcement of lip zipping. Gosh, I think I’ve given away my prejudices. I should just have said its a David and Goliath battle – justice vs. power – and we all, along with our children, will be the losers no matter its outcome.

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