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Harry, Does the chart from the trib use a total building capacity number instead of a student capacity number? That number can be hugely different. 

Great Question and I wish I’d thought to ask it although there were no facility experts at the meeting to answer it. I presumed the chart’s numbers only reflected classroom capacity. In the Congdon School case I did the math and asked if the maximum student capacity listed, 675, matched the number of classrooms 27 that would be possible if you presumed there were no small special ed, ECFE, Headstart classes etc. The Congdon principal was there an confirmed that my calculation seemed correct to her so, I think in that case the numbers arrived at match the chart. Whether that’s true of the secondary schoolls I have no idea.

As the “building standard” used, in at least the early red plan builds, required ONLY 21 general Ed classrooms be built in each elementary school. You do the math: 21 classroom x 30 students each =640 students per building. That is on the HIGH side estimate though, as not every classroom was built to hold 30 kids at the elementary level. I think kindergarten was around 22 students each, 1-2 was like 24, and and 3-5 was 27. Something close like that.  Each elementary was suppose to have 4 k-2 rooms each, and 3 3-5 rooms each. 12 rooms (k-2) + 9 rooms (3-5) = 21 classrooms. 

******, reading this I can only say it is a great shame you were not on the school board during the Red Plan fiasco.

And then you look at schools like Piedmont, which when it first opened after being built, it needed 6 kindergarten rooms. So, our fancy new buildings had to use spaces not specifically designed to have kindergarten classes in them. 

I guess the Red Plan’s much heralded State demographer’s report had some glaring errors.

That number appears to not include the spaces for other school functions like the gym, cafeteria, special Ed classrooms, and support services.  That is where building capacity can be dramatically different than student capacity. 

The numbers for capacity used in the graphic look like Fire Marshall ordered numbers for the entire building. 

I just don’t know.

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