Councilor Anderson detests Red Plan but…

I was sent this email reply by Councilor Anderson to a critic who was obviously disappointed with Anderson’s vote on Garry Krauses’s “non binding” vote on the Red Plan.

Perhaps you are confused. I am a Duluth City Councilor – NOT a ISD 709 School Board Member.

Let me be blunt. I find your comments ridiculous. I mean that in the most respectful way possible.

I detest this plan and the harm it will have on our neighborhoods in the core of our city, BUT the City Council cannot stop this plan.

You and others need to do a better job listening…at what point do you think a NON-BINDING RESOLUTION will halt this plan? Listen…wait for it…keep listening…NEVER!!! It was non-binding…GRANDSTANDING…that’s it.

I would love for Duluth to be able to vote…and I would vote NO, BUT, that time has passed.

Perhaps people should be more careful when they cast their ballot for school board.

I suggest YOU run for the school board or city council.

Jeff Anderson

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