A better idea?

Last night the Edison Board voted to pursue a high school.

This is a big deal and my next post will explain what I told our School Board about Edison at last night’s School Board Committee of the Whole to discuss next year’s Budget.

I wondered why the Trib’s education reporter was absent from our meeting but today’s story answered this question. Jana has a nose for news and Edison was the place to be not that our meeting was unworthy of coverage. The DNT just doesn’t have the people to cover us like it did when I served on the Board eleven years ago. Back then it had two reporters dedicated to all things educational.

Ironically an Edison parent came over a few minutes ago to do some work for us and told us she was thrilled with the decision. I’m not surprised. She recognized my name but she wasn’t sure who I was. Good. I need all the humility I can muster.

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