Trib talk

Anyone reading my blog should know I’ve been a little put out with the Trib and its coverage of the Red Plan and the Red Plan’s opposition. After a two hour lunch and some frank talk with the Trib’s education reporter I’m feeling considerably more charitable.

I first met Sarah Horner over the phone last Summer when she called to ask me about Let Duluth Vote or why I had filed to run for the School Board. I began joking around, as is my wont with Reporters, but she was all business and I realized that she wanted straight answers from me so I sobered up. Later I happened to be dropping something off in the Trib’s offices and I made a beeline to her desk and complimented her on her tough questions. I told her that I had only one request of her….that she show as much skepticism of the Red Plan proponants as she did its opponants. Since that time I can not complain about my treatment in any of her stories. The Let Duluth vote forces, however, have never seemed to fare as well.

Sarah knew about my threats to the Trib and its circulation because a letter I sent to the publisher found its way onto her desk. Her chief concern was to impress upon me that she has and plans to undertake a serious investigation of some of LDV’s chief complaints. I believe her although I may have to work hard to find sources for her so that she can get some non JCI and School Board affected testimony.

Of primary concern is our fear, LDV’s fear, that the JCI contract gives them dangerous license to manipulate the contract for their benefit at the District’s expense. I think Sarah sees the potential for conflict of interest on JCI’s part. That’s not proof but it demostrates the skepticism I asked her to level at both sides.

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