0n threats to the School Board

I’ve been recommending that people who email me at the School Board’s website consider sending me email at my personal email harrywelty@charter.net because I’ve had a hard time stomaching going into my District email. There’s really not that much offensive stuff in it. Its just that for the past eight months its been about as appetizing as entomophagy. (eating insects)

I’ll have to get over that and here’s an email that provides one good reason why:

******Jan 8 (2 days ago)

Thanks for getting back to me Harry. I understand your reluctance to look at email. I only heard back from you and Mike Miernicke.

He told me the police are at board meetings because he’s been receiving threats. Is it really that dangerous to be a board member? That is, other than for you and Art?

I’m sorry you have been publicly admonished. I wish you the best – and I am happy you bring up the topics you do at board meetings.

I just wish the rest of the board would stop acting so self-righteous and apologize for the Red Plan mess and not letting the public vote – even if they weren’t there when it happened. I think that would cool down a lot of people who are still upset about how the Red Plan came to be.

Do you think the public is looking for an apology?

Thanks again for being a board member and doing your best to keep taxpayers informed.

Happy New Year!


My Reply:


If I was threatened I’d put the threat on my blog. If I didn’t have a blog I’d share that information publicly. No one has shared any threats made to other board members with me. I have no idea. [I should have written that I have no idea if the threats are true] The only time I’ve felt threatened are the three times folks have gone to the press to say I was responsible for having done terrible things. No violence has ever been threatened ever.

Thank you for your thoughts. I think an apology would work wonders but that’s not in the character of my fellow board members. Claiming Art Johnston is violent is, however, in their character.

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