10th Day of Christmas B

This is my Christmas jigsaw puzzle.

I’m not sure how many years I’ve taken over Claudia’s sun room to work on them but its been quite a few. This year I didn’t buy any of them while on vacation because we didn’t go anywhere. We even skipped our 40th Anniversary cruise. So, my new son-in-law saved the day with some old jigsaws of his. I put one together already and this is the second.

The keys to putting jigsaws together are shape and patience. The pieces are very subtly different from each other but a good eye will sense when one shape matches another. With a 1000 piece puzzle like this it takes patience to match all the pieces together. As you can tell I organize pieces by color to reduce the number of shapes I have to match. I’m not a super fast putter together-er but I’m dogged and disciplined.

I’d given up putting the School Board together until a better angel showed up and tried his hand at it and was dashed against the hard rocks of No. I thought we were doomed but last night’s meeting inspired me to think of another route to peace. Like my jigsaws it will require patience and a good eye for what pieces can be fitted together.

I had been thinking Christmas Eve was my deadline for finding peace but now I’m thinking New Year’s Day. If you are tired of the Soap Opera please wish me luck. Everyone on the School Board is a good person. We should get a new year to prove it. Our children deserve to have grown ups on the school board.

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