Dismantling Art Johnston – Part 2

Hang on…….I haven’t finished that editorial abortion yet. I figure I’ll be spending much of this day with my flying fingers rather than my grandsons who are over to play with me today. Blast you Duluth News Tribune. Double blast you.

Oh, and I recommend anyone reading these posts as I crank them out begin reading them at Part 1 in the series.

Its 3:09. You’ve waited long enough. Sorry, but you will have to wait longer. I went to church. Sang in the choir. Talked to half a dozen puzzled church folks one of whom told me he visited my blog for the first time yesterday – Thanks News Tribune. Went to lunch and told my grandsons I couldn’t go swimming with them. I’ve been organizing a ton of paperwork. I still haven’t gotten past the first sentence of that Editorial. Art called and I gave him five minutes. He told me it doesn’t get any better.

For those of you who feel I’ve left you hanging I’ll insert this email I just opened and my reply. Then I’ll get to work again and post when I see the whites of their eyes. That’s a joke. I feel like one of those gnats I used to let crawl on my eyeballs when I was a kid because it tickled. All I see right now is white………..and red.

On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 1:00 PM, ********* wrote:

Mr. Welty,

I hope you won’t overlook or refuse to name the actions of the Duluth School District and the Duluth News Tribune as the bullying activities that they are.  Mr. Johnston has many supporters as evidenced by his recent re-election.  That the District as well as the local rag are using their forums to imply or declare otherwise is disgusting.  

Further, by devoting the time and energy of the Board to trying to get rid of Art Johnston they are not devoting that time to the service of the children and parents to whom they were elected to serve.  Perhaps more appropriately discipline should be meted out to those who are not doing what they were elected to do.


My Reply


I absolutely will point out the actions that have lead to this debacle in the making. And Amen to your last conclusion. It remains to be seen if this is the worst school board in Duluth history. Its closing in on the rubber stamp boards who put 35 kids in our secondary classrooms by transferring ten million a year from our local levy from the classroom into Red Plan bond payments. That’s one Central annually for the next twenty years. We need twenty more Centrals to sell to make up for this educational crime.


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