First up – on my recent silence.

I’ve got a lot on my mind and this is also one of those periods where I need to compose my thoughts rather than shoot off my fingers. Readers will note that I’ve recently both scolded the School Board (including me I think) as well as offering some hope for the future of intra-Board relations. We’ve endured a nasty six months. Infighting does little for the Board and means that the Board isn’t doing our schools any favors by being a tail wagging the dog.

I missed this story in the DNT yesterday but one of my choir mates mentioned it to me last night at practice. It appears not to have made the newsprint edition but only the online Trib. Its a good description of the transfer policy changes we seem on the verge of approving at our December meeting. They will, even if passed, have very little effect on student numbers in our schools.

The conclusion of the story does hint at the bad blood circulating in the Board room. For now I’ll withhold comment for the same reasons I described in the second paragraph.

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