Hermantown defends Wrenshall

The Hermantown Star takes umbrage to the nose-out-of-joint treatment of the Wrenshall School District by Duluth’s Superintendent Dr. Dixon.

Salient point:

“We applaud the Wrenshall School Board for starting to think outside the government box and openly soliciting Duluth students. In an advertisement last week, we saw – “Red PLAN not your plan? Why not change your PLAN and open enroll at Wrenshall today.”
There is nothing wrong with inviting people to take a look at your product and then make a decision. It happens every day in the private sector. Duluth Superintendent Keith Dixon stated in the local daily paper that Wrenshall was trashing his district and putting it down for their own benefit. We do not believe that to be true.
If the Red Plan was truly as strong as leadership within the Duluth School Districts believes, then the Wrenshall ad would not exist or be worthy of a reply. We believe there will be more districts taking Wrenshall’s lead and going after Duluth students.”

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