in Brief – 2 Meeting Mike Simonson

I was startled four days ago to read that Mike Simonson died.

Last week I met Mike Simonson while appearing on Henry Bank’s Radio program. He recalled meeting me in the past, probably when I was on Duke Skorich’s KUWS program fifteen plus years ago. Since then his voice had become familiar to me and last year he became one of the Duluth Reader’s stable of columnists. In Mike’s case he was more of a news writer and among the best writers that the Reader has ever published.

We chatted a bit as he stayed through the first half of my interview. He told Henry it was a good program. A couple days later I read of his death.

I wish I had more to say but I can’t think of much beyond remarking on the close timing of my first recalled meeting with a local celebrity and his unexpected passing. Such timing always is striking. He seemed a very nice and unaffected fellow and he was a damn fine writer.

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