“He lost about 20”

I spent the day lobbying in St. Paul at the House Tax Committee. I’m too bushed to write a coherent description so that will have to wait till tomorrow. However, I did check my email when I returned about news time. A friend from Ely read the Duluth Trib’s story on Dixon’s days in Faribault and sent it to some Faribault friends for their reaction. Here’s his email to me quoting them”

Harry……….I forwarded the Duluth article to a couple folks. Got this back from someone reliable who worked closely with Dixon. J

“The King had no clothes when he was in Faribault, but everyone was afraid to say it. It didn’t matter how many good people left because they couldn’t put up with him, there are still people insisting he was a great man. Jay Treadway in the article said he had a strong team and had good communication channels all the way down. The team couldn’t have been too strong because he lost about 20 of the admin team while he was in Faribault. The communications channel was, if you said anything to anybody in opposition to his way, he screamed at you about it. I can feel my blood pressure rising just reading about Dixon.”

I asked if my friend could ask the writer to put this in a letter-to-the-editor and send it to the Trib.

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