693 visitors yesterday

If that’s not a daily record number of visitors to my blog its close. I haven’t had numbers like that since I was raising money for the $100,000 bond imposed by the Court on Art Johnston and me back in 2009. I’m sorry. You will all just have to come back since I didn’t finish that post on the Mother of all 709 issues until 3 AM this morning. I had to get up and finish it or I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep last night. (BTW. You can find some of those old posts on raising the bond here on this inquiry for 100,000 bond. Just check the entries for 2009)

I couldn’t fall asleep after the 10 pm news because I made the mistake of looking for an old Op Ed of mine about desegregation. I ended up finding it in my school clipping file. I ended up skimming a bunch of news stories for the years 2008 to 2009. They brought back old memories which I will only be able to exorcise by writing a book. That would or should be this winter’s project.

My brother called this morning to ask me what I’ve been doing lately on the School Board. I told him there wasn’t time to tell him a couple weeks ago. So he called again when he and I both had some free time.

After getting an hour’s earful (just a bare summary) he asked why we didn’t just go demand a data inquiry for the School District’s files. Surely this data is public, he asserted, and we have a fiduciary responsibility as school board members to understand why we have so many kids in our classes.

I told him that’s just what my brother-in-law told me this summer after he got his earful. This in Minnesota I told them both. We don’t like transparency here…..from the Minnesota Dept of Ed or State Auditor on down. Not unless you can get a majority of the Duluth School Board to authorize it…….which is why I told the Superintendent in June I expect to be in the majority after next year’s election….the day before he leveled six nonsense allegations against Art Johnston to remove him from the School Board…….to keep me just that much farther from being in a majority after next year’s election. Or so I hypothesize.

I hope 700 people will get to read that last paragraph today!

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