Why should western Duluth pay to segregate itself?

Mike Jaros asks a very good question. Why should his voters in west Duluth pay to be segregated from the rest of the city?

There were three exceptions that went into the law that Mike authored years ago. The law permitted school districts, and Duluth especially, to build without asking voters in order to insure the health, safety, and integration of their children. But the District’s Red Plan completely dumps the existing integration plan while dividing Duluth’s schools at 19th Ave E into rich and poor halves. This will inevitibly encourage the well-to-do to flee western Duluth and move east.

It makes perfect sense for Mike to put the brakes on the Red Plan. If you want to help Mike send his fellow legislators an email. Their email can be accessed at the links listed in a previous post. And thank Senator Tom Bakk who has promised Mike to introduce the Senate version of Mike’s bill.

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