It would be crazy for Duluth to spend a half a billion dollars on new schools…

…so said Johnson Controls:

. . . if you go back to the JCI salesman, Jeff Schiltz, he memorably said after the School Board fixed on one of the smaller plans the “Red” plan over JCI’s White and Blue alternatives that this choice made sense because its more modest $257 million price tag was in keeping with Duluth’s finances. Then he added it would have been crazy to expect Duluth to spend half a billion dollars on new schools. This is ironic because today the cost of the Red Plan is just twelve million shy of half a billion dollars. Maybe Schiltz was trying to warn us but I doubt he turned down the extra commission.

Golly, the price went up by a hundred million more!

Here’s more of the Duluth News Tribune tough investigative coverage of the 2% JCI would earn for managing the building of the Red Plan.

The Trib’s editors recently opined that Art Johnston ought to examine his conscience and decide whether he should step down from the Duluth School Board. Somebody ought to be examining their consciences but its not Art Johnston.

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