The Board Chair suggests…

“The Board Chair suggests that it is usual and customary for elected officials to cover their own legal fees when it pertains to their own wrong doing.”

I’ve been thinking about this line from the Superintendent’s email to me for a couple hours now. Art’s “wrongdoing” seems firmly established in Chair Miernicki’s head now.

It leads me to wonder if Attorney Mary Rice’s report can truly be expected to be neutral as she promised Art Johnston.

It leads me to wonder why my qualification that if the investigation draws a “blank” or in other words finds no wrong doing the Board would not quickly make financial amends to the wrongly accused Board member.

It leads me to wonder at the Board Chair’s and Superintendent’s assertion of wrong doing as though it was already an established fact even though they are Art Johnston’s principal accusers.

Art Johnston already has had to spring for $1,800 to cover legal fees as a result of all the mud that has been thrown his way. If you want to know who really is guilty of wrong doing I suggest that instead of Art’s house you look for traces of mud on the mud thrower’s fingernails.

If you are appalled and inclined to think, like me, that this has been a travesty you can help Art out with a donation to his legal defense fund.

Mail a check to:

Johnson legal defense
PO Box 3075
Duluth, MN 55803

What this Board ought to be investigating is how $84 million of Duluth tax payer’s dollars was spent mysteriously by Johnson Controls and other entities accepting “soft costs.” That’s $50 million more in soft costs than the original Red Plan envisioned being spent. Shame on you Art Johnston for asking such impertinent questions. So says the School Board majority.

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