Tragedy as comedy – The Auditor Follies

Loren Martell nails it in his description of the State Auditor’s presentation to the Duluth School Board.

About the School Board members asking for reassurance that nothing “wrong” was done. We have lost a thousand children. Those remaining are in classes with five to ten too many children. Hell yes! Something wrong was done. You just will never know why from the State Auditor’s report.

I left this comment on the DuluthReader website under Loren’s article:


I couldn’t have described that meeting any better myself. It was annoying to have the meeting shut down as Mr. Martell describes. I only found out about the meeting after making plans to visit family in St. Louis, Missouri. To get back to Duluth in time for the 4:30 meeting I had to get my wife up at 2:30 in the morning and drive for ten and a half hours straight.

When it became obvious that the only answers I would get from the State Auditor would be: “we have no opinion,” I was too tired to argue with the decision to shut the meeting down after a measly two hours. I’ve spent a year waiting for this report. Loren Martell, who single-handedly prompted it, has spent three years waiting for it.

This wasn’t transparency. It was a whitewash.

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