Over two years on the New York Times Bestseller List

I finished reading the Color of Water to Claudia over the weekend. Actually I didn’t finish it. I got to the epilogue and Claudia offered to finish it. I’d gotten a little teary in my histrionic reading and she kindly offered to finish while I wiped my eyes.

I’ve never had much desire to read so-so books unless they are about subjects I’m immensely curious about and they are the best available. That post title is at the top of the page of later editions to James’ McBride’s book “A black man’s tribute to his white mother.” The paperback is a slender book despite its 290 pages. It was an easy engrossing read and more than justified my time reading it.

One other comment found on the front cover of the book was a quote from Mirabella, which I gather is a woman’s magazine. It says “The Color of WAter [will] make you proud to be a member of the human race.” I don’t disagree. And right now, on the Duluth School Board, I need all the evidence I can scrape up that we humans are a tribe worth fighting for.

I bought the book some years ago and its been sitting in a bin of books under a bed awaiting the time it would be recovered for a reading. I think its only the second of third book of the year for me such have been the time demands of serving on the School Board.

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