Beautiful Day – it would be a shame to blog

But I finally will – at least a little.

But first I had to feed my cat Moloch who kept pestering me, then I decided to fix a ham sandwich to give the sprinkler in my backyard a little more time to quench the grass seed I planted to fill up some blank spots where the con man, JB Marvin, beat down my backyard a couple years ago. Then I shut the windows in my office because the City just began drilling into the street with a terrible whine. Oh well, I just turned on Pandora and Barber’s Adagio for Strings is playing……. That’ll help.

So what was I going to write….Oh yeah. I had a great weekend. I’d share the photos of my daughter’s wedding but only on Facebook. Her two boys gave her away, (she asked if I’d mind) although when I told the little one what he’d done he retorted, “No, I didn’t.” Sure enough she’s still his Mom.

Spending my time preparing for the wedding in advance and ignoring my email through the weekend was a wise decision on my part. Priorities are priorities. That did require me to attend to a little catch up afterwards however. Various household chores came first and today I caught up on the newspapers, including some from this March, which were the last of a thick stack I went through a little before the wedding.

I will say this. I find myself spending more time on the DNT than in recent years. This could be because now that I’m on the School Board I feel more need to keep up with local folks. But I don’t think so. I think the Trib has found a new stride and is really giving its readers more local news than it was a year or two ago.

I haven’t made an appointment to talk with our District’s finance director yet to have him explain the $13.7 deficits he has projected for 2018. Somehow yard work is exerting more magnetic pull on me at the moment than the future of the Duluth Schools. So sue me.

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