The gathering storm

When I got home a little before noon it had started to rain lightly. I found a tarp and covered the soiled carpet. The Landfill wasn’t open today anyway and I had nowhere else to put it.

I decided I needed to treat myself so I went to a fast food joint to sit , eat, and watch the rain. The owner joined me and asked where his sign was. I got his address and told him it would be there when he got home.

I told him about our efforts and he pointed out that my good friend Mary Cameron had voted against me. I shrugged and said that while Mary was my friend she had drunk the Koolaid. I also added that in all the years I’ve known her neither of us have ever lobbied the other on issues. We both took stands and let our words and deeds speak for themselves and maintained our friendship even when we disagreed.

It turns out that the owner’s good friend is a close associate of the Governor’s. He said he was thinking about putting in a call to him and I agreed that it would be a good thing to do. I told him that, just like in the attack on Pearl Harbor, a great bear (in the words of a Japanese Admiral) was starting to wake up. I added that Pawlenty would become a hero if he was able to steer the Ed Department into ordering a referendum. Of course, its not as easy as that. The letter of the law, no matter how stupid, will have to be obeyed. Even so, I explained, it sure wouldn’t hurt to have the Governor speak out against the highhandedness of the School Board.

His sign is now up.

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