The last School Board meeting

I forgot that Karl Schuettler makes occasional bloggy comments on the School Board. At the end of the meeting he told me he would write about the meeting and I asked him to send me a link to his commentary. Karl wrote a good summary of our recent school board meeting. For those who can’t bear to sit through our televised meetings but curious about what took place in a a nutshell they’ll do better reading Karl than the DNT. DNT articles aren’t set up to be comprehensive but generally focus on one or two items on our agenda. For instance, the DNT story focuses on our acceptance of the Ojibwe language immersion plan. This followed their coverage of the same story the day of the meeting anticipating the discussion on the immersion plan. It was an excellent before and after story but we had a lot on our plate, two hours worth.

That is described nicely in the last paragraph of Karl’s iteration:

That brought an end to a long but fairly agreeable night with the Board. The meeting was bogged down by some procedural issues and a few questions probably better suited for different venues, but I’d rather see the Board err on the side of meticulous tedium than glib rushes to approval. Everyone more or less agreed on everything, but there were still some good questions, and the Board did a good job of keeping the concerns of a variety of groups on its radar. The proponents of the Ojibwe language program reaped the results of that tonight, and while it’s just one small issue in front of a Board with countless things on its plate, it means the world to one particular constituency. As long as it keeps the big picture in mind and asks the right questions, these sorts of programs can be real winners for the District.

Karl is a graduate of Duluth East and went to Washington DC where he got a degree focusing on International Relations. And he’s a hockey fanatic. I won’t hold that against him and, in fact, I’m heading to tonight’s big sectional final between East and Elk River at the invitation of East’s AD Shawn Roed. Go Dogs! uh Greyhounds! Same thing, right?

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