Darn it. I’m way to garrulous for my own good. I spent 2 hours and 40 minutes talking with seven folks who are concerned about the Rockridge School and its possible sale for who knows what? Its the “who knows what?” that has them concerned.

There isn’t much we didn’t talk about related to a potential sale. I told them from the outset that my chief concern was for the Duluth Public Schools which might interfere with their desire to keep their neighborhood from being despoiled. The more we (ISD 709) can make the better off our finances and the more likely that a lot more stuff will get crammed into the site’s 17 acres than they want.

I don’t think they have to worry too much in large part because they are not taking anything for granted but they did seem to think that the School Board members hadn’t been too communicative with them and were grateful that I would grace their meeting. Heck, I got free coffee and a chocolate chip cookie out of it. I’m good.

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