A Papa sandwich…

…tries to get motivated for the day.

Soon I hope to hunker down and file the growing piles of data in my office that are growing like mildew. I didn’t get the best night’s sleep. Grandson Jake crawled into bed with us at 3. He had to pat me on the head to wake me up. Its fun to snuggle but he’s a boy who hates being covered up whereas I love having warming blankets to keep me at sleep. Consequently he snuggled up to me forcing me to the edge of the bed for the remaining hours of the night. An hour later our ginger cat with the stub tail, Moloch, took advantage of the fact we leave our bedroom door open on the nights when the grandsons are here to hop up on our bed and slept at my feet opposite Jake. After two wakeful hours I did manage to start a dream for a few minutes just before waking.

I might have kicked old Moloch out of bed had it not been for our having two of his teeth removed yesterday at the vet. They had abscessed and I felt sorry for him. He’s demanding cat and always wants food but yesterday we had to starve him to promote healing. It will take a couple days to set him right.

So this morning I kidded Jakey that I was a Papa sandwich all night because he refuses to put on covers at night and instead steals heat from any poor soul who happens to be sharing his bed. Jakey liked the idea of a Papa sandwich and of sharing being the bread that sandwiched me in with Moloch.

Just remembering my unsleeping early morning is making me drowsy. I hope I perk up to get some filing done…..and some blogging on the question of charter schools.

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