Cockroaches Pt 4 – Motivation, Precedent, Money

In the last post I suggested that Johnson Controls might have the motivation, precedent and money to smear me. I showed just how casually this Fortune 500 behemoth can drop a couple hundred grand to get the notice and gratitude of politicians. The one thing that makes me doubt that JCI is behind this little smear, however is its shear penny ante-ness. Trying to destroy me by mere guilt by association is a bit of a stretch. On the other hand it involves a possible association that for most folks would dredge up the “ick” factor. Maybe it could work.

It may have worked once before when the blowhard Ralph Doty raked my reputation over his coals three days before the 2006 school board election. All he had to do with his hatchet piece was change the minds of 300 Welty voters to the other candidate and I ended up being toast. Come to think of it one of his primary arguments against me was that the Johnson Controls were reputable folks.

A few days ago, I called the Ohio community college where I served as president for 13 years, and confirmed that Johnson Controls is currently working on a large project on my former campus. A long-time employee at the college told me, “The college chose Johnson Controls because of its reputation, as well as the fact that they are under an Inter-University Contract (IUC) with the State of Ohio.” The IUC designation makes Johnson Controls an approved vendor in the state’s higher education system, without requiring colleges and universities to go to bids.

After my defeat by a Pro Red Planner the Red Plan only faced one more very worrisome obstacle in its juggernaut to completion.

The next obstacle for JCI was the Court Case brought against them and the School Board by me and four other complainants. We charged that they had gotten an illegal “no bid” contract. It was certainly no bid but the case fell apart before we could establish the question of legality. Its still up in the air and I’m not supposed to talk about it. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me before and it won’t stop me now.

What did JCI get for its participation in the Red Plan? Good question Harry, I’m glad you plan to answer that. That’s where the $40 million figure I mentioned in part one comes in. Ah its certainly enough to motivate more scandal mongering. But its a big question that I’ll address some posts hence. Just remember. Its a lot of money to fight for.


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