Cockroaches Pt 1 – 1092 visitors yesterday

Oh, golly. There were even more visitors to this blog yesterday than the day before. I hope they keep showing up because I’m on to something a lot bigger than my reported association with a person of questionable character. It’s such a big story that it will probably take me several days to write it out so that I am not at risk of being sued for slander.

I just love skating on thin ice even if Claudia worries that I could cost her the pension plan she has earned. I can’t help but wonder if the nothing burger scandal some anonymous sources are trying to manufacture about me might not be connected to this much bigger story.

As per usual I will take my own sweet discursive time outlining the story. I’ve got to keep my readers on the edge of their seats so that they keep coming back for a punch line. This one may be worth $40 million to someone.

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