What the DNT poll means

Assuming (and any assumption based on a self selected sample of voters) that the DNT poll is a good reflection of Duluth’s voters this is how it should be viewed:

47% of Duluthians oppose the Red Plan and would thus obviously want to have a referendum.

41 % of Duluthians support the Red Plan. However, it can not be assumed that all of this smaller number of people would want the plan shoved down the throats of Duluth without a vote. I think its likely that at least half of this group would support a referendum based simply on the idea of fairness.

If I read these numbers right the tables would be turned on Johnson Controls claim that 77% of Duluthians support bypassing the voters. Darned near half the voters want a referendum based on this new poll. And some percentage of those who support the Red plan could be expected to support a referendum. Together this would certainly be enough to push the numbers of referendum supporters to over 50%.