The Captain’s ally and my sour response

I have a friend who regularly sends me stuff that I take strong exception to. He sent me the Captain’s post and then another pro-Bush posting from This was my parting shot in the debate which ensued.

Dead rodent woman adopts the same dismissive tone as the Captain. Yeah, its good to be reminded that Scooter is in trouble for possible perjury and not for releasing state secrets but the issue in the public’s mind all has to do with this Administration’s honesty. Even so, perjury is an act of dishonesty and therefore entirely consonant with the public’s loss of faith.

LBJ, who did more to advance Civil Rights than any other President, also foisted the Tonkin Gulf Resolution on the US to justify his war. Lyndon got it passed in Congress based on a flat out lie. Is that in the same league as all the WMD stuff–.Well, the more we hear of the expert’s skepticism about WMD’s and the Administration’s scramble to silence the skeptics, the more Bush seems to be channeling LBJ. Don’t forget, LBJ had worthy motives too except that they didn’t change as much over the course of his war. Johnson was simply protecting the Free World from the advance of Communism.

At least LBJ, who craved adulation, had the humility not to run for reelection after he lost control of his tar baby. Bush only needs approval from God. Apparently God has told the President that lies told in pursuit of a good cause are no big deal — and lies told to cover up lies told in pursuit of a good cause; and the lies told to cover the lies told to cover the lies–.Oops, sorry. I meant the disingenuities.

Oh, and if the war Bush waged stirs up a generation of angry, unemployed, young Moslem men to spend all their waking hours trying to think of ways to kill Americans where ever they can find them —well, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Obviously the Captain and Dead Rodent woman have views inconsistent with mine. Madly applauding claques hired by theater owners also have different motives from the rest of the audience at mediocre theatricals. George Bush’s Presidency needs a laugh track.

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