Lawnsign stories – 10-19

I ended up knocking on doors for five and a half hours today far more than I’d meant to. I managed to finish connecting Grand Avenue from beginning to end. I wasn’t in any great hurry. I did some door knocking in what turned out to be David Bolgrien’s neighborhood. That was gratifying because David had dismissed my Denfeld lawnsigns as being in vacant lots. Not any more. I own Grand Avenue.

I was happy to have many long conversations with folks at their door. Of perhaps 400 doors where serious conversations ensued I’ve only had half a dozen, if that greet me and give off negative vibrations. I got one today for the wrong reason.

I began my patter as per usual saying that when I was on the School Board we had some of the smallest classes in Minnesota. I may not have added that this was eight years ago or the woman at the door may not have heard me past “smallest classes.” I then went ironic and said that our school board had recently fixed things….. and that is the point the woman exploded.

“fixed things?” she asked, “Smallest classes?” she asked again. “I have seven teachers in my family and they have up to 37 kids in their classrooms.” As I was groping to assure her she had misunderstood me she eyed by lawnsigns below her steps and said “…and I don’t want a lawnsign.” I attempted to give her my handout which would have explained my position but she closed the door on me with a curt, “thank you for stopping by.”

It was the fastest filleting I’ve had in all my life. I knocked on a few more doors before returning to stuff one of my unwanted flyers back in her door with a hand written message. “You misunderstood me,” and a circle to my flyer’s greeting, “I’m angry.”

Some people are very literal and irony is lost on them. I hope I didn’t just cost myself eight votes.

I spent close to an hour at another door belonging to a teacher who taught my daughter. This teacher and spouse asked a great many questions and the hour was well spent since most teachers have been afraid to talk to me lately. I ended up putting a lawnsign in the yard after giving every possible excuse to the teacher for not putting it up lest his/her colleagues find fault.

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