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I probably typed 5,000 to 10,000 words up yesterday not all for the blog. As I told a coorespondent I have a small but avid readership a campaign that has only five weeks left to get elected to an office I was rebuffed for six years ago before all hell broke out. I must feed them…….you! For several hundred of you there may not be any TMI (too much information) that I can deliver. Its my opinion. I’m like one of the blind men trying to figure out what the elephant in front of me is based on whatever it is I happen to be touching. Is it a snake? Is it a tree trunk?

I’ll try not to let what I write get too sloppy although at the pace I’m cranking out posts that will be difficult. Editing can be two thirds of a good post and that time is a luxury.

At the moment I’ve got two threads running and I’m about to add a new one. “What would you do….if you were me” is one I began a few days ago to talk about the various candidates running for the Board. Its got a couple posts in process. It was eclipsed by “Sell Central Now.” I’ll be starting a new one soon “The teacher’s contract.” I expect that there could be even more before the election finally relieves me of my frantic musings.

The longish “Heisenberg Principle” post from a couple days ago was meant to suggest that what I write should very well affect my work should I get elected. I don’t plan to stop spilling beans if I’m elected. Most people don’t like to have people talk behind their backs. They may resent it even more when someone like me talks to their face. That’s what this blog is. Its very in-your-face. Its me talking. I haven’t found minions to do the dirty work and I don’t intend to recruit any. I could be the most unpopular person on the next school board if I’m clumsy, spiteful or too egotistical. That would limit my effectiveness severly.

One caveat. I have yet to meet a school board candidate who did not have the best interests of children in their heart. That goes for even those this blog most savagely assails. I expect to be elected to the next school board and I believe that whatever our differences I will be able to get along with all my fellow Board members. That might cramp my in-your-face style once I’m elected but only partly. I’ve been doing this since 1999. I’ve just gotten better at it.

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