Today’s Dogpile

Its been almost a month since the School Board voted 4 – 3 not to enter into negotiations with the Tischer Creek Building Corporation. If I had had my way the community discussion would have been over with last Tuesday at our School Board meeting. Instead it continues after the slam dunk the board majority […]

No more big tent

I read the other day something that I’ve noted but never quite put into words. The Democratic party which has been accused of political correctness for the past couple decades by Republicans never agrees on anything. In other words, when it comes to their agenda they fight like heck with other Democrats. On the other […]

Email fencing over 2016 politics – Round 2

And my Buddy back to me: From: “Your Buddy” Sent: Fri, 5 Aug 2016 11:36:19 -0500 Subject: Re: Althouse: Have you watched last night’s Libertarian town hall? Harry: I got the same impression. However, I got the impression that Althouse is positive about Johnson at Weld. At, she said: And I just want to […]