A blog haiku for u

Haiku – I will write a book -Judge Hylden – Lusitania by Eric Larson – wrestling with my conscience – Tom Agnew’s example -“They was just Niggers” – where my home is – How my blog is a very big part of everything that is wrong with the Duluth Schools – Cosmetics – My parent’s […]

The lies of Keith Dixon #4 and 5

Dr. Dixon told his first recorded lie in Duluth just three days into the job. His arrival in Duluth coincided with the completion of the memorial to remember the infamous 1920 lynching of three black men in Duluth. I’ve read Michael Fedo’s book on this incident twice over the years and recently took part in […]

Time to step out

I’ve been busy since 4AM. Now that its almost midnight my brains not functioning too well. I have to be like old Avis Auto rental company that was always number two behind Hertz. I have to work harder. But I’m taking a little break from the Red grind. UWS is putting on a play about […]

Belated kudos to Kooi

While I was away on “vacation” I couldn’t keep up with the blog. During that time the Zenith City Weekly broadsheet published one of the best pieces on the difficulties at the Ordean site. Michael Kooi did a lot of digging. One of the key hurdles for the District was spelled out nicely: According to […]