Comp ed

I’ve been sent an email reminding me to return my school board member’s visitor pass and parking permit, sure signs of my lame duck status. I’m not completely finished. I just got to a Double Tree Motel in Minneapolis to participate in the MSBA Delegate Assembly tomorrow. That’s where school board reps will determine what […]

An unexpected compliment

My email buddy who gives me a great deal of grief just sent me this email: Jeez, Harry, you are writing well. Maybe your “experiencism” is showing. [Your Buddy] I wrote my Buddy back: Thanks Buddy, Cliches help a lot. Harry I did a lot of writing today and if you are just getting […]

A small compensation for increased segregation

I notice the Trib has a positive story about how the Federal Government is expanding its spending on school lunch programs in schools with high concentrations of poor children. How fortunate it is that the School Board has put an end to the District’s desegregation plan and that the Red Plan will be concentrating more […]

Belated call for compromise

Meanwhile the Trib called for compromise in its good feelings editorial on New Year’s Day. Good luck with that! “The Duluth school district and its red plan could move forward, too — as long as it’s with a willingness to listen to community concerns. Its long-range facilities plan is still just that: a plan. As […]

Oh yeah, and my computer died

I don’t know what caused it by my computer crashed a day ago and took all my old email and everything that I had organized on my desktop. I seem to have all the desktop files except that they are all hiding from me and having them, no matter where they are is a blessing […]

Harry’s computer rebelled

Harry asked me, Mel, to post a note that he won’t be entering so many blogs for awhile. His computer froze this afternoon and he’s working on getting things in order again. It is up and running but we all know how we have to look for all those things that may have gotten messed […]

DNT to be owned by Regional Company

The Trib put a lot ink in the paper today about its transfer to the Fargo Forum’s owner Forum Communications. The only thing the new owners indicated that they would lend a hand at would be political endorsements. I wonder what the endorsement history of the Fargo Forum is?

Nolan’s retirement has opened the floodgates

But this and other stories – the latest school massacres, years of Russian political meddling, the latest embarrassment for evangelicals who pronounced that Donald Trump is God’s instrument on Earth – can wait. We are taking our grandsons to Florida north of the massacre. I’m not taking my computer but there is always the chance […]

Trump 2016 – Get used to it

Readers who look closely will see that the previous post is categorized as “Trump 2016” which seems wrong because, after New Years, we now find ourselves in 2018. That is simply a function of my setting up a Trump Account in the annus horibilous when he first interjected his bile seriously into American politics. I […]