Where’s Walker on Kestrel?

Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker wasn’t mentioned in this story yesterday on the failure of Wisconsin to make good on its financial pledges to the fledgling Kestral Aviation of Superior. Maybe Klapmeier is afraid the Governor will punish his company if he blames the Governor personally rather than the state for reneging on his word.

Scotty Walker eyes

I’m going to speculate about Governor Walker who has impressed me with his Carrie Nation like zealotry. I noticed something odd about his eyes in a recent television interview. They looked as though he was averting his gaze from a reporter by tilting his head a bit. I’d noticed it before but this time it […]

Get the lead out

After I was nearly finished scraping and painting the sides of my house this summer I began thinking that I should have at least worn a mask while scraping to avoid inhaling lead. Then I thought it was probably not that big a deal because lead was removed from paint a long time ago. Well, […]

Re: Snake Email – a riposte

Snake in the Grass’s defender writes intelligently and I can fault few of the arguments laid out. But the flaw I think is this and it comes in one of the longer paragraphs. It says: “Now we have buildings and nothing else. My granddaughter attends East High School and is very disappointed with her education. […]

GOP class…

…clowns. Mitt Romney leads a gang and scissors off the long bleached hair of a lonely lispy kid back in his high school days. Can’t remember doing it but sorry now if he did. Michelle Bachmann applies for Swiss dual citizenship for her kids who think it would be cool then cancels it when fearing […]

I got Waxed – Citizens United

Its hard to believe that its only been a couple days since I got waxed last Saturday. I’ve been in non stop school board related meetings since Monday and when I wasn’t doing that I was doing yard work and gardening in the sunshine. I generally woke up in the middle of each succeeding night […]